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Self Image

Harness the power of your image !
« Know thyself and thou shalt know the Universe and Gods » - Socrate

Self-image is the idea each of us has of our physical, psychological, and social identity. It is linked to our perception of our own body. It is also linked to self-esteem, and the way in which we perceive ourselves. Self-esteem depends on the degree to which our aspirations and success are in harmony.

It also depends on our self-confidence :
  • Believing in your abilities and resources
  • Discovering your hidden potential
  • Using your intuition
  • Anticipating your habits, attitudes, and thoughts
  • Changing your habits, attitudes, and thoughts
  • Becoming aware of your inner strengths
  • Being commited
Working on one’s self-image means building self-esteem in the following areas
  • physical
  • emotional
  • intellectual
  • spiritual

  • and balancing the masculine and feminine poles of your personality.

    So that your Being can flourish and reach its full potential.

Body language

Mastering body language means :
  • using your strength of conviction
  • having effective techniques of persuasion and self-control
Your body says a lot about you: are your words and your body language in synch ?
What do others notice above all ?
Optimise your communication potential, mobilise your inter-personal skills, improve your performance, detect the truth behind the mask of social behaviour, decode the secrets of body language.

Techniques and tools to improve non-verbal communication: your voice, silences, listening, stance, sitting / standing position, your smile, your look; breathing, the way you occupy the space around you.

Remember – the body doesn’t lie !
It’s simply a question of emotional intelligence !

Style Personality

Become what you were meant to be !
Enhance your appearance and optimize your image !

Others perceive your Image through their senses – in particular sight :
Mastering your Image depends on :
  • your choice of colour; nuance, intensity, shape, line, and volume, which convey various messages; vibration, energy, emotion, etc.
  • harmonizing and adopting your style for different personal and professional contexts: a unique style unique that reflects your personality
  • understanding the rules of elegance to feel comfortable in any situation
  • using accessories that express your unique personality, beauty, and charm
  • finding make-up and a hairstyle that suit your personality type.
What values do you want to convey ?
Discover and use those values to create a well-defined, dynamic image that will open the doors of success !

Business etiquette

Business etiquette : understanding and practicing the customs of the World.

Today, communication happens at ever greater speeds. Every day, we all find ourselves in contact with men and women from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds.

Business etiquette can be a tool, of integration (when two similar cultures benefit and learn from each other), or a tool of balance (when a balance is maintained between effectiveness and profitability, without any change to the parties' personalities).

There are three universal rules :
  • punctuality - respect
  • receiving guests
  • the universal signal : the dress code.
Proper business etiquette means showing generosity and respect to all the people you meet.
To be happy, and make others happy – it’s that simple !

Individuals and companies courses

Building your image "capital" :

"A la carte" courses for individuals :

Personalised sessions or packages to enhance your personal and professional image :
  • Self-esteem, self-image, and self-confidence
  • Colour, style, dress code, make-up, and hairstyle
  • Body language, presence
  • Business etiquette...
For companies
Tailored conferences, seminars, or training sessions on the following themes :
  • Building self-confidence / self-affirmation
  • Developing presence through non-verbal communication
  • Enhancing image and building better interpersonal relationships
  • Unleashing the power of charisma and generating enthusiasm
  • Adopting and adapting an appropriate dress code
  • Learning the rules of business etiquette...